About Us

iHarbort is an international manufacturer and distributor of electronic gadgets and accessories. With an unwavering belief in creating innovative designs, delivering reliable products, offering favorable prices, and providing exceptional customer service, we have become one of the biggest leaders in the global market.

At iharbort, we are passionate about approaching every detail from a user's perspective to improve our technology and products; At iharbort, we are devoted to raising the bar; At iharbort, we are focused on making your life easier.

Engaged in handy electronic products and accessories with style, our product lines involve Batteries & Chargers, Hubs & Readers, Cases & Protectors, Keyboards & Mouses, and Bluetooth Speakers & Headsets. iharbort focuses on offering people-inspired and reliable solutions for your tech gear making it that much easier to enjoy.

Great Products; Great Value; Great Service, “3G” core value always on our minds, we rigorously test every product to ensure that iharbort is your most reliable choice and source.

We proudly sponsor some of the most creative and cutting-edge organizations, including SKRWT and Delft Solar Boat Team by providing reliable products to support their business or projects.

We love to work with you and listen to your voice and opinions so feel free to contact us anytime via visiting iharbort.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.